Review of Indian Chutney Tray

My mother has always had offered in her kitchen a jar of garlic and chili paste which she makes regularly. This can be used in a range of dishes from stir fries to pasta sauces and curries and even spread on a piece of toast. In fact it can be used to sass up any dish that needs a bit of a lift. 

If you are intrigue order a jar today. The paste comes in small jars and should last you a little weeks depending on how keenly you use it. If you are lavish with it then order an extra fresh batch. Operation we will not have a buildup of stock but will make the products afresh each week. So there will no longer be any need for you to leave jars mouldering in the locker for months on end. Simply order more as you need them.
spice tray indian

Are you besieged by the indian sauces, chutneys and pickles dripping in oil and with an all pervade sour smell that you are usual to seeing in the grew up in an indian, mainly vegan, family and I would never buy any of those long shelf life goods so readily available in the supermarket.  So what is the alternative when it comes to tasty foods? It is not finding the nearest Indian grocer in ethnic area and then shopping, wash, chop and unification for hours in the kitchen. On this website you will find, in a readily usable form, the two most powerful ingredients used to inform flavor - garlic and chillis.

Another staple and a favourite of mine is green mango and coriander Andhra Chutney Tray Recipes it in ice trays and then use a chop as she goes along. Again, it can be used to give a good taste to any dish you are cooking and can even be moved into a bowl of plain rice for a fresh tangy taste.

If you like root ginger, and then try the store red dish.  This is fresh orange and golden root ginger which I have never seen in any of the store or expert food stores. It is usually available in the better stock Indian green grocers. The carroty is peeled and cut into little pieces then sealed in either lemon juice or a touch of white vinegar for a longer shelf life.  It needs to be kept frozen. 

It adds a really Spice Tray to Include in Masala Dabba kick to just about all and livens up the dullest of foods. But consider using carefully! You will soon find physically saying dress like this could do with a bit of the chili paste when cooking and eating.


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