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IndiaEthnix wants to make use of modern networking technology to provide this unique and convenient online service beyond the physical boundaries & time-zone differences. To illustrate this, Shantadurga divinity also recognized as ‘Santeri’, is the patron Goddess. She is worshiped by all Goan Hindus so they might want to keep some rituals for Shantadurga mata along with the Ganesh Puja. Does provide such flexibilities keeping main focus on the Ganesh Puja.

Basically one should perform the puja with a clean body and clean mind. What is more important is devotion not the ritual. Ganesha's every feature is symbolic. Elephant head represents the mighty Ganesh Puja strength of many elephants and the human form is a symbol of wisdom, radiance and abilities. The mouse is the symbol of a sharp mind.

Ganesha's four hands symbolize four instructions of the universe. He carries a line, in his hands to carry his devotee to the truth; an axe to cut the devotees' part and the sweet dessert ball ‘Laddoo’ for devotees, as blessings. IndiaEthnix fourth hand's palm is always extended to bless disciples.

Ganesh Puja

He has so many myths and legends to his credit, which show his meaning and extent of his control and also cause for his fame in the whole universe. There will be no religious opposition if Ganesha's image is given special forms.

The IndiaEthnix are not only found in India but pre-ancient temples and the sculptures are found all over the world. Ganesha has various forms and also names but faith of devotees has always remained the same.

On the beginning of every auspicious event, Online Puja Items is remembered by the disciples by chanting the Ganesh Puja, Ganesh Mantras and reciting the bhajans.

This divine ritual has been an integral part of our Puja Conductor life. He has been chanting Ganesh Puja for the last years with the same holiness & enthusiasm. He learnt this process under a conventional way. He had studied Sanskrit in school for years which helped him to understand and simplify the complicated mantras chanted in the Puja and at the same time preserve the richness & beauty of the mantras taken from the ancient.

He primarily used to chant Ganesh Puja on Ganesh Chaturthi. He has continual to chant the Buy Puja Items Online on occasions other than Ganesh Chaturthi as well. Since Lord Ganesha is a lord of new beginnings, the Ganesh Puja could be chanted during several occasions. 

We engaged Jasraj for performing Puja Items at our home in and would like to say that it was a very pleasant and nostalgic experience for us. From the training to the 'sampan', it was very well organized. Not only did he list everything in detail but also explained the meaning and reason behind every mantra and each offering. There was no gratuitous delay or haste and all went really smooth. All in all, we are happy that we asked him to perform the pooja.


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